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I had pleasure to meet him in mid 80's in Helsinki, Finland.

Ok cool, its an old thread.
Do you still have your cosmic psychos graphs?

Yes, I know it's old. But had to answer when I was googling prices of Stiv's autographs. :)

I think I still got that one.

Do you mind showing me a pic?

Whats the value on Sb graphs?

Have no idea of the value of Stiv Bators.

And Cosmic Psycos, if interested 50€ inc. shipping?

This page is not working for me..

Stiv is a dicficult one!

Is that Ross knights signature on to of the psychos its a bit blurry, im laughing at the david lee roth song.

These are from 1988 and signed By these musicians, I enclose new pix.

It looks like (ross) wrote Alan fng Jones, who is a radio personality.

Haha, no idea. :D That just what I got! :D

How much would shipping be to Australia, i wouldnt be a buyer at 50 euros because i can buy them here.

Don't know how much is posting. Price inc. shipping.




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