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Hi everyone, 

Thanks for taking the time to view my post. I am new to the community and glad to have found you all. 

I am the daughter of a long time collector. My father recently passed so I am navigating this world without him now. I have been selling his memorabilia on eBay in small amounts for years. 

I do not want to unknowingly sell any forgeries on ebay, so I am gearing up to send off a lot of unauthenticated items including these balls to either PSA DNA or JSA. I would really appreciate your opinion on the items I have attached photos of.

My father was collecting in the 90's at the peak of the forgeries, he traveled all over the east coast and supported a variety of small local shops. Unfortunately he did purchase items in Cherry Hill, NJ Scoreboard shop. :(  No telling if these items were bought there, they have no stickers and his COAS are all mixed up. Luckily, he did diversify where he bought and bought a lot at a annual sports player's celebrity fundraiser as well as from Steiner and Upper Deck. 

The baseballs: 

1. I am feeling hopeful about Mantle ball 1. I attached 3 pics

2.The Mantle Ball 2, screams banana M's to me, but I am such a novice....

3. The Joe DiMaggio ball does have a DiMaggio Estate Authenticated sticker on it. I have seen these sell well on ebay, giving me hope it is real. 

Ted Williams, I am not sure on. 

Thanks a million!


1. Mantle Ball 1. Three pics below

2. Mantle ball 2  

3. Joe4. Ted

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the Joe D is authentic, but the others I do not believe are not.  


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