Hi. I was wondering if someone had an opinion of these signatures I n the ball. Said to be acquired in person, and I am from Massachusetts. Any help would be appreciated. The said signatures are from Brady, Gronkowski, edelman, amendola, Blount, Benney, Belichick and gostowski.


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In person where and when? These are not the easiest signatures to just get on the street, especially Brady and Belichick. The odds of this being authentic are pretty low.

This was during training camp at foxboro, as mentioned I live in Mass and the person who who is trying to sell it also lives in Massachusetts. I'm wondering if they look authentic. I'm not too worried about the background story how they were obtained, as I have been to training camps myself to obtain in person signatures. Just wanted an opinion as to whether or not the signatures look legit to corroborate the story.

The story should concern you if you're looking to make a purchase, especially when it concerns the Michael Jordan of football. If someone is selling a signed football along with a story, I'd want the details - and proof of some sort. Saying "got it at training camp" is not plausible, given Brady's stature, elusiveness and what people are currently paying for private signing signatures. I've seen plenty of Aaron Rodgers "autographs" allegedly signed at training camp, and the story is every bit as laughable as the signature. Also, you might want to ask how he went to training camp and only ended up with signatures of the biggest names on the team. When I see items that are actually signed at training camp, more often than not it's a combination - maybe a couple stars, a lot of role players and backups and usually more than a few people who get cut.

It looks like all autographs on this ball is signed by the same hand. That is my personal opinion.

the Brady does not scream out "forgery".  the stye is fairly consistent with his.  but there are also a lot of forgeries out there, so no way to be certain.

Thanks everyone for your input. I appreciate it. Yes I was looking to purchase it locally and wanted to get some guidance on it. Sounds like the opinions are not on the positive side. Thank you.



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