Hey guys. I am interested in a Freddie Mercury autograph. I found 4 on a website. Are they legit? How much will I have to pay? The autograph where he raises his hand has a Beckett coa

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The Beckett one is genuine although very rushed.  The others are not genuine.

The one in green showing as 1985 is debatable but it looks off in too many places.

I would not pay more than £800 for the Beckett pic. 

I would pay £5. If the seller has less that £1k on it. It means he doesn't think it is authentic. 

I would be careful buying from a dealer that has 4 Freddies, especially if several of them looks off. 

I’m no expert on the authencity, but I agree with Jimbo that several looks bad. If you’re lucky, the Jedi Master of Queen graphs, the ever so helpful Innuendo will let you know soon!

I would wait for other opinions, but I dont like a fact that there are mixed "doubtful" signatures with obvious fakes. 

I don't like any of them. Not the kind of thing I would buy and that includes the Beckett's example. 

There is a slight chance the Beckett one is genuine, but who would pay big bucks for a slight chance autograph. Then again, someone will take the bait.

Regarding the price. The Beckett's one, IF authentic, would be in the 3k to 4k range. 

If you wanted an authentic Freddie, stay away from these. 



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