Hi. What do you guys think about this 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card?

It is hard for me to tell if it's authentic or not.



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None of the cards were graded by any grading company that he found.

Heres what you wrote. Who graded them authentic if not a company which does so? 

He said that he found the card with other authentic 1952 Topps cards (graded authentic) in an old book.

If you think it's authentic, send it to PSA or SGC and let them examine it.

I am not too sure if it is authentic or not, I just think that you guys should not be so quick to say that it's not authentic when it has certain aspects to it that make it seem authentic.

For your information, I did not buy the card based on your advice. But it did sell for a pretty big sum of money, so obviously, there were many people who thought the same as me about it. It sold for about $400, which would be well below what a real card would be worth, but also well above the price that anybody would be willing to pay for a reprint.

So unless these people are idiots, then I think that it could be authentic!


Dustin, you posted it here and asked for opinions.

Why would you post this thread and then criticize those who opine on it?

If you think it's authentic, then submit it to PSA or SGC.

Sorry, it actually sold for $1500!

How could it be fake then?

Over the years, I've seen dozens of reprints sell for hefty amounts of money because the buyers "thought" the vintage cards they purchased were authentic/original cards.

Same goes for forged autographs of Mantle, DiMaggio, etc.

It occurs every day on Ebay.

I dont understand why you  post a picture of a card and want a diagnosis on the computer. You asked for opinions. You got them.

Yes, but I didn't get an explanation for why they felt the way that they felt when there are elements that I have pointed out that make the card seem authentic.

Yes, but that is quite stupid, don't you think?

Why would so many people think that it was authentic if it isn't?

You have to begin asking yourself if YOU are the person who is wrong when that happens.

If "That is quite stupid" then why did you post it?

Just submit it to to PSA or SGC.

Now this thread is getting silly.

We see it all of the time here.

Someone comes here asking collectors to opine on their item and then they argue with them.

From the pictures you posted,it looks fake.Maybe I am wrong,but I would stay away from that card.Sending it to have it graded would have been the thing to do.Did you do any research on the card?Check and see how many fake '52 Mantles are on the market that look better than the on you posted.If that card is real it would have been worth more than $1500.

And the reason people would think it is authentic when it isn't is because they don't do there homework.They see the price of authentic ones,think they are geating a great deal,and can turn around and flip it for big $$. DO SOME RESEARCH !!

And why would you post this on an autograph forum? There are very good baseball cards forums that could have given you opinions.



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