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Sorry to disturb. I'm looking to purchase a Taylor Swift Autograph as a gift and I don't want to buy something that claims to be real when it is not. I'll include the item for sale as well as a link to known and approved signatures. I'd like to not mention who's selling yet so there is no bias. I'd like this to be based on the signature alone, but I have no problem posting who is the seller after some responses.

Also does anyone know if the signed CD covers on her official site are actually hand-signed, or are they autopen/machine signed? All help appreciated.

Thank you.

Link to known Taylor Swift signatures: Music - Taylor Swift - Images | PSA AutographFacts℠ (psacard.com)

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I would suggest you buy directly from her web site. I never experienced any, nor heard of any problems, concerning authenticity. She signs what she sells.

Ok. Thanks for the suggestion. I just might end up doing that when her signed merchandise comes back instock. Unless someone here can confrim this looks legitimate. The thing that makes me question this signature the most is the second letter, it starts at the top and comes in from the right like a hook. I don't really see this on any of the confirmed signatures. The confirmed signatures I've seen seem to start from the left side and proceed to the right.

Is that a blank CD or underside of one of her CDs? In either instance, that alone raises instant questions.

That I can't say, and I don't think I can ask the seller now. It sold today. I feel sorry for the person who bought it if it's not real. The ebay seller was "futreaktton" and they have 100% feedback, but that doesn't mean the signature is real just their service is good. The listing said it came with a COA provided by All Star Enterprises and it looks like they do have a brick and mortar shop. But COA's can be faked and after doing some searching here it I found a post saying they're not really legit and have problems. Maybe I dodged a bullet? lol

I'll take the advice to be patient and purchase directly from her site. That way there is no question to the authenticity. Thank you guys so much. Happy Holidays!

Not a fan of the one you posted. I agree with Joe, wait until she sells again, which won't be long and you'll get the real deal directly from her

her stuff on the website is hand signed by her . shes acrtualy honest unlike alot of artists who use stamop autopen or ghost

this autograph looks fake to me


I bought a few of her Folklore CDs and have a few sealed if any interest, bought from her site before all the others since have come out.  I do sell on eBay but have only listed a sealed one on a local site.  $55 shipped.  


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