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I have a signed photo I'm thinking of possibly selling. The photo is technically a dual signed. The front of the photo signed by Rigo Starr but  the back of the photo is oddly enough signed by  Barbara Streisand. I bought the Ringo signed photo unaware at the time of the signature on the back. I'm curious what your thoughts are on if I should add any value of the Barbara Streisand autograph to the total asking price?  I look forward to any advice I can get.

Thanks, Ryan 

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Depends who it is. If it's Elvis or the Babe, I would say yes

Hi Ryan,

Can we know who these two celebrities are? More information is needed. Are they in the same film for example? Is there any connection between these two folks?

The photo is signed by Ringo Starr and on the back it's signed by Barbara Streisand.  When I originally purchased the photo I was unaware of any signature on the back.

Thank you. Perhaps this 1973 event? Can the signed photo be dated, or the signatures?

Possible connection.

Click for full image.

Daniel Ellsberg, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Barbra Streisand, and Ringo Star together at a fundraiser for Ellsberg, 1973.

I add a picture of the signed photo. It's in a frame currently and I don't have any pictures of the  Barbara's dry sand signature. 

Barbara Streisand won't add much extra value. 

Even if its from the event I located?

IMO it would add value.  A full B S sig doesnt come along that often and its an added bonus

Lets see the Babs?

  1. You can easily pick up a Barbra Streisand for about £20.

But we haven't even seen it yet. Suppose it is a 1973 signature? We need a date for the Ringo sig and photo too.

The photo can be dated to the mid 90s around the time of the Beatles Anthology. The Ringo signature matches from that time as well. So I'm pretty sure the Barbara Streisand is from around the same time period.


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