Hello everyone.

I found this one. The signature is very close but something is off to me.

What do you think?

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I don’t think that’s authentic. 

Can you please elaborate a bit about why? What don't you like and why?

It doesn’t look like his signature. If you look at his authentic Renegades signatures you can clearly see how different this one looks. You can also compare with other signed books that have been authenticated and see how this one looks quite different. 

Yep, I dont know the complete history of Obamas signature, but ive never seen a version like this before. This book inparticular was published in 2006, if its a 1st edition. so you only have to go back 16 years. I am not  familiar with his signature while he was campaigning before his 1st term. You may want to look up in person examples from that time but regardless, if im going to spend money, id want a typical Obama signature, not some strange, possible street graph , most likely fake, version..

You can always count on authentic ones in the Renegade books, if you can find one (RR Auction currently has one...and you get Bruce with it)


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