This looks like a fantastic buy for someone with deep pockets...

The Beatles.- Baker (Geoffrey, art teacher at Camberwell College of Arts and Maharishi International University, 1926-2011) 3 Autograph Letters and 1 Autograph Card signed to Ann Gosnell, together 7pp., 10th January - 2nd April 1968, including a greeting signed by George Harrison, Cynthia Lennon, Pattie Harrison, and Jenny Boyd and a napkin signed by John Lennon, discussing life with the Maharishi in India: "He arranges a birthday party at every opportunity. Last night was George Harrison's turn. Maharishi had Indian musicians brought in... Mia Farrow's birthday party was like a pantomime, with Mia the Faery princess of the Aquarian Age... Donovan has arrived & the first thing he did was to sing his new songs to Maharishi... Everyone has been fooling around in helicopters for the last couple of days - Maharishi included. He leans out of the cockpit waving a flower." And spending time with Harrison and Lennon: "John Lennon is so funny. The other evening a German woman was describing to Maharishi a vision she'd had in a meditation - it was very long-winded & when she'd finished Maharishi said 'What she say?' & John Lennon said 'She says she saw the whole universe through a big black 'ole.'... I like George & John so much. We talk for hours on the roof about everything imaginable. I sing to John's guitar. He says I don't sing loud enough, but I say it's the guitar that drowns my voice... George just came in & found me with the Beatlettes. You can see their tea-stains on the letter. John is still meditating. He said 'well, I must get back to my bliss' & has been away for hours - perhaps days: people do," folds, tears from opening but without significant loss.

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Very expensive considering none of the Beatles wrote any of the letters. So for opening bid 4800 pounds you get a Harrison signature (with others)  and a napkin signed by Lennon. Maybe if you are a Geoffrey Baker fan? 



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