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The autographs look good and the item is period correct but those darn forgers are good !!! Any other thoughts?

Also another question.  Were the Bermuda (HELP) photos ever plate signed or stamped in blue ink? I know the Beatles signed them in blue ink not sure on plate signed or stamped?

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Those look good to me. Who is selling them? I’d like to buy those. 


John Taylors Auction House - UK

lot #80

Auction date: March 12th  

16 watching 

2 bids £600

Thank you 

Always a pleasure. 

they look good to me also

I think they are cute sigs, if there is such a thing as  cute sigs but if you usa based and are bidding remember thosse nasty things called custom duties when the item is shipped to usa

these charges would not be that high

they are. they are usually 20 per cent , and a handling charge maybe  as well. I mention this cos of the problems I have encountered  since buying from Europe since  brexit etc

i import all the time...and I can tell you you are not correct. and you won't be charged the VAT that UK residents must pay...you will pay sales tax in US (a "use" tax), but this is much lower than VAT...US residents come out way ahead!

Although shipping charges will be a bit higher

yes but you are an indiviual and not  an auction house that is the difference.  I mention this because of the problems  I have  had with  the amount of custom duties from abroad  since Brexit  being charged by auction houses 

It sounds like you are in the UK. What you are saying is not true for collectors in the US, for whom it makes no difference whether or not the purchase is made from an individual or auction house. The biggest cost (excluding shipping) will be sales tax, which is the same whether or not you buy from a US or foreign dealer or auction house!

Customs fees are fairly trivial compared with the cost of an item.

I also thought they looked good when I saw them in the auction listings. Being on the back of a BOAC card makes them even better.

Re Michelle's point, I'm not sure what the customs rules are in the US but I thought you could use some kind of wording that gets you out of paying duties on secondhand or at least antique items.


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