A bit different. Signatures on the inside cover of the gatefold VJ Lp Songs, Pictures and Stories..... Lp. Looks like cello tape has been placed on top of all the signatures. Does this look like Neil Aspinall's signatures? Any thoughts?

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They do appear to be Aspinalls.
I often wonder how long after the event recepients of “Aspinalls” found out that their Beatle autographs aren’t?

I think that in most cases it was decades, some top auction houses were selling his signatures as the real thing well into the 80’s.

Obviously at the time he was just fulfilling a demand, making fans happy in the process. Who had any idea how much genuine Beatles autographs would be worth decades later?

On the other hand imagine the disappointment of say that German guy who kept his fully autographed guitar in a bank vault for many years...only to find out that it was actually Neil Aspinall who signed.

Yes, some of this is the desire for it to be genuine. Still a problem. "Demi Lovato"...

In early 2004, I purchased a US Help Lp autographed on the front cover by Neil. The lady that sold it to me had just found out the signatures were not genuine. Her husband was one of the motorcycle police that escorted the Beatles from airport to hotel to venue etc. They asked him if he wanted a souvenir and he said it would be nice if they would sign his daughters record as she was a big fan. So he brought the Help Lp and gave it to someone (maybe Neil?) to be signed. All those years later they found out the signatures were not genuine. That must have been a big disappointment. I believe it was Frank C who gave her the bad news.
I can imagine the disappointment. I think some quite high ranking dignitaries were also on the receiving end of Aspinall signed Tour programs.

Neil Aspinall strikes again!!!

Even the The Beatles  Press Officer Tony Barrow got a set of Neil's signatures and a a silver lighter as Christmas gift from The Beatles in 1963. He obviously believed that they were signed by The Beatles and included a photo of them in his 2005 book about his time with The Beatles. 

Yeah,...saw that in Barrows book...



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