I have an old family heirloom of sorts that I'd like to get the community's opinion on. The autograph is located on the back of his portrait. Mrs. Perkins was my Grandmother's cousin and was Bela Lugosi's nurse at one point. It was signed in the 1950s. Thank you for your time and any information provided is greatly appreciated!

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I'm not really sure if it was in person or mailed in. The 3 people in my family who knew about the autograph have since passed. It's one of the reasons I came here to see others opinions on it. I wish I had more information. My father kept it safe in an old book that he got from another family member, and told me the story of it when he gave it to me. Thanks very much for your thoughts on this!

Hi Areana,

You are very welcome. There is a reason I am so careful with Lugosi signatures. It is red, and can be seen earlier on page 1! ;)

Best wishes,


Here is Bela in what appears ballpoint. This was collector Forrest J. Ackermans copy of Stoker Dracula. I saw Uncle Forry on one of his later birthdays, we chatted, I mentioned my Lugosi film, and then he let me try on a certain ring...there are some other neat names below! Bram Stoker, Christoper Lee, Vampira (Nourmi, who signed again for Lugosi), Ackerman himself, Vincent Price, Carla Laemmle...careful eyes will note Karl Kolchak's first adversary vampire Jabos Skorzeny, played by Barry Atwater! "VINCENZO!"

And wow! What a collector's piece that book is! Very cool

One of the sad things is that Forry's collection of artifacts could not have stayed together in a museum.  I know he wanted that but funding was a big problem.  He used to be at the Monster Bash Conference every year until his last illness. He was a wealth of knowledge about the classic era of Hollywood Horror.  That book is real treasure and from him there is no better provenance.  Forry used wear two rings although there was a bit of a controversy if the one was really from The Mummy.  The Barry Atwater is great I have a Kolchak:The Night Salker discusssion on here!

I can certainly understand that! To the untrained eye I can see how it might be mistaken for the real deal, but your examples offer details and I am greatly appreciative of your viewpoint on this!

Thanks, and you are quite welcome. That red cut signature was a purchase before I was really online, and when I was literally a brand new collector. I always loved Bela Lugosi - my father met Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff at a theater in NY one day in the early 50's. Many years later, I met Bela Jr. and Sarah Karloff (and Ron Chaney) as well as Delores Fuller and others also in one day. I really enjoyed  looking into your item! It is wonderful.

Eric, very informative and thanks for sharing


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