Love the site. I have a question for you (or maybe you can post it for others). I have started to collect signed cd's. I have collected a few now. I wanted to know the best way to store them. I have been keeping them in the jewel case, but I worry about the "wear" on the booklet pressing against the cd. I have seen some with paper or something in between the back of the booklet and the cd. I did not know if they are left alone in the jewel case would they just be ok as is? Any help would be great!!!

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I have about 500 signed CDs. Hell, maybe a thousand. I don't worry about them much. If you use a Sharpie, it's not like they're going to get thrashed. Don't leave them in the car, with the hot temperatures. Just keep them in the jewel boxes. Now...with my White Stripes "Elephant" cd...I loved it so much, I kept playing the CD. So in that case, I keep autograph sleeve/jewel box in a different place, and just place the CD in a blank jewel box. Problem I can't, for the life of me, find where I put that CD.

Thanks Josh! That could be a problem...not finding your prize autograph!! :)

also store the cds upright not stacked would help ;)



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