Get a signed Valentines day card that isn't guaranteed to arrive by Valentines Day lol

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Sold out. 

Its something I would never buy as an autograph collector. I scored a signed vinyl cover not long ago for $110 not including the vinyl.. but this is interesting. $145 for a signed card is not worth it, but If you actually want everything included, its not a bad price for everything overall. Sold out now so it doesn't matter. 

I grew up in Chicago and always thought his music was average at the time. Looking back now, I feel I didn't appreciate it enough back then. I have a love hate relationship with Billy's music but its leaning more towards love lately mostly for nostalgia 

I hear ya was shitty last year they did a tour,in Virginia they had a show we bought 4 months prior when came time for show they lowered the ticket prices and canceled 1hr before show saying one of them was sick but played the next day in north carolina.Pissed me off I have no more respect for sp


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