Hi Newbie here - Hi Everyone.

This is an unknown signature to me, I think it may be Billy Joel, I'm Just not sure.

(I acquired this amongst a load of other signatures unknown to me or the seller years ago)

The name Philip is in pencil where the previous owner was trying to work out who it is.

Any info would be much appreciated 

I have about 50 other unknown signatures mainly all before 1940.

Thanks Paul

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Certainly looks like a Billy Joel graph to me, as far as authenticity I'll leave it to the experts on here 

Thanks for the reply,

If your any good at deciphering signatures, I have other photos on my profile of unknown signatures, which I acquired along with this one many moons ago.. Thanks again

It is Billy Joel looking at it and authentic IMO

Thanks Dan - Sorry the reply a bit late as but I'm going to send it to an authenticy site because I put it on ebay for £50 and someone said it is fake esp at the price I was asking.

I'm no expert 

Thanks again Paul 



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