I was browsing eBay today for music when I came across a listing of the Billy Joel LP album "Streetlife Serenade." This seems like a pretty normal listing by all accounts, with a current bid of 9.00 and 6 dollars in shipping; however, what caught my eye was that there's what appears to be Joel's signature in blue Sharpie right smack in the left-center of the album's sleeve, with no mentioning of said signature in the listing. I'm not too familiar with identifying sigs, but from what I can gather Joel's are very inconsistent- some are short little signatures, whereas others are his entire name in curvy cursive like in this one, and I'm unable to decipher for myself if this one is probably fake or not. If it's a real signature then this is an unbelievably cheap listing and I would certainly hope to get my hands on it. I was even planning on just getting it regardless and then authenticating it through PSA/DNA- I just got 2 new jobs recently, so if it's not legit then tough luck I guess, I'll either just keep the album as it is or possibly resell it- but I suppose it never hurts to check with you guys. So does anyone have any idea whether or not this is a real signature? I included a screen cap of the eBay pic as an attachment for y'all to look at.

Here's a screen cap of the eBay listing pic:

Also, side note- this is my first post here! Hopefully I'll be coming back more in the future for more help with this kind of stuff.



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looks a little weird to me

this is  a real one

Yeah I've seen ones like that, that one seems to be the most common kind of sig he does when searching around on the Internet. But then there are also things like this that are far closer in appearance to the one that I pictured (and in which most signs point to authenticity as far as I can tell).

I suppose that even compared to this one the B & the J looks a fair bit different, but sig's do tend to change quite a bit to be fair. Maybe he switched over to the smaller sig after he became more popular or something. But now I'm just starting to assume things :P

Actually, additional update- after looking through the seller's other listings, it looks like they sell mostly signed LPs from a range of artists like KISS, John Denver, James Taylor, etc. but like this one, they aren't really advertised as even being signed whatsoever. And they range from upwards of 100 dollars to hardly any bids whatsoever like this one. I actually found another BJ listing- this one being "52nd Street"- a little bit further down in their catalogue and it does look closer to the image that you showed off:

Post a link to the eBay user and let’s see what they have. The reason the first one wasn’t advertised is because it isn’t authentic. 


The thing is none of these listings say that they're signed- including the above one, which has a more-than-fair chance of being legit I would say.

That way you can’t ask for a refund when you find out its a forgery. He isn’t selling them as autographs. Actually pretty dirty what he’s doing.

The one you posted does not have a good chance at being authentic. It’s a forgery. Neither of the two you posted are authentic. Thing about forgeries is the intent is to fool beginners or emotional autograph buyers.

Disregard posting a link. I found them. All those signatures are forgeries. The guy isn’t mentioning any of the signatures hoping folks see them and think they hit the mother load and bid them up. He advertises them strictly as records and says he has no clue the backstory of these records but he bought them from record store and radio stations. Don’t believe that. He thinks he isn’t on the hook when knuckleheads buy that junk and want to return them.

A Dark aside of the Moon album fully signed but he makes no mention of it being signed. Has been bid up to $158 bucks. Garbage. Some fool going to be out their money.

Don’t be a sucker.


Makes sense- I'll refrain from bidding then. Thank you for the solid advice.

Good decision. Save your money for better buys.

Such a scam. Dark side side by full band is worth 2 to 3 k. Hes just selling u a album that has some dagamige on it do to some writing on it.lol

if you have a full signed Dark side LP for 2-3K let me know john

Jeez even just Waters and a Gilmour together are an easy $1500 now

full signed would be priced to the moon



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