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I recently bought this Crowes piece.  Epperson said it looked good, and another TPA failed it.  I am wondering if you all think Beckett would pass this or not.  I would like it to get it certed by a big TPA just in case I need to sell it in the future.  I just don’t want to waste money on Beckett if they wouldn’t pass it.  This is stated to be signed somewhere around 1990-1991, so definitely some early signatures.  Thanks in advance!

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I met them in Houston in the 90's and they signed a number of 8x10's for me in person.  Happy to send you an image when I get back to my archives in Texas if you can hold off a couple of months.

Thanks!  That’d be great, I always like seeing other examples.  No rush though, I plan on owning this for a long time.

It’s real. That’s for sure. I met them many times during this era and have the same items. It’s crazy that someone failed that lol. 

Thanks for the feedback!  I also feel confident it’s real based on source, history, and Epperson.  I was surprised when it failed one TPA.  I just didn’t want to send it to Beckett and waste money if there wasn’t a good chance it’ll pass.  I did the quick opinion on their website, but came back unlikely to pass.  I’ve also heard QO through them isn’t very reliable, so wasn’t really sure if it’s worth it or not.

I got them around that time, as I was a DJ at a rock station and we met them. They all look almost just like this.



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