black sabbath 1970 autographed concert poster / oppening act was bruce springsteen

one of the earliest know autographed black sabbath posters 11-27-1970 done in person for me.

also the oppening act is bruce springsteen(steelmill)

Two shows, triple bill, with the bottom-billed Steel Mill opening for the second-billed Cactus and headliner Black Sabbath (fronted by a spooked Ozzy Osbourne, who received death threats before the show). According to Robbin Thompson the members of Black Sabbath and Cactus had a fistfight over who should close the show.

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When did you get the guys to sign?

they signed at a private event they were in electric lady recording studios years ago and i had them sign posters, guitars and a bunch of things when i was with them.

have pics some were but no clue were.

If the poster had period signatures on it, that would be really special, but still a nice item.
Do you have the guitars?

sold most of the guitars

might have 1 in storage but have no idea were it is and if its complete

the others were all complete and i sold them years ago

Are you selling this poster.

yes its for sale

What are you asking?

i turned down 4500 and didnt blink.rember its a very early springsteen poster also.

this is a one of a kind

theres an usigned ticket the only one ive ever seen for sale for around 2k for some one else

I know what it is, im more or less asking because i know some sabbath collectors.

Blimey! Would this fetch $5k? If so, I would think that this has a lot to do with the Springsteen connection. What size is it? It seems more like a large flyer.

I'm not totally sure a purist memorabilia collector would see the non-contemporary autographs as a bonus but I'm basing that only on my experience in the vintage movie poster world. Some people prefer their historical pieces "clean" or signed at the time.

I just got some interesting unautographed memorabilia by the way. This included some very early (mid-63) Stones flyers (actually more ticket-size), a programme and ticket for the Bath Festival 1970 and this flyer, which I suspect is not very rare at all. Another early Sabbath appearance (August 1970) and some decent names. £2.10 to see this lot - not bad!  


Im on the purist side, sorry!



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