Bob is coming to Australia who has met him and did he sign for you or not...and where...also does anyone know why he has a reputation for being so grumpy

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A couple of in person collectors I know  just got him to sign here in L.A. during Grammy weekend. Neither would tell me too many details as to what had to occur for him to sign, but there is definitely a trick, and from what I can gather a well guarded one that sometimes lightens his mood. An enigma without question! I believe with certainty that you will not find too many people on this website being helpful in making this dream a reality for you. There are probably only a handful here that have even gotten within arms distance of the man. Good luck.
 nathan,a genuis like bob dylan couldnt fall for any tricks or flattery to get him to sign. hes the hardest rock star to get a signature from along with prince. i was told by his confidante, he just doesnt like to do it, and especially if he thinks someone is only going to sell it. you have to get bob to trust you somehow, and this takes some time to achieve. expect many rejections at first from him, and he will also make believe hes going to take your pen, and than he will just shake his head and say no man. but if you keep trying, and dont give up, you will have a chance. but first you will have to get past his bodyguards, and whatever you do, dont snap a picture of him, because his bodyguards will go right after you to take the film out of your camera. it took me close to 5 years to break him down to finally do it, and i chased him all over. but i wish you luck nathan
I agree with James and Thomas. They don't come much harder to get than Dylan, which is why he's so expensive. One of the most expensive living music artists. Probably 98% of Dylan autographs offered for sale are fake.
there is a scene in i believe its called eat the document. a short film about dylan on tour in europe,where a guy gets up to dylans car, and asked him for an autograph, and dylan says to him, why do you want my autograph for, that other guy over there didnt ask me for it, and if you really needed it, i would give it to you, but you dont need it. and this was in 1966. so hes always been a very hard one to get.
nathan, may i just add on one more suggestion, if you happen to see bob, please approuch him very slowly, do not run up or rush up to him. i am not trying to put any fear into you, but his bodyguards are known to carry mace, and use it. this is a fact that many collectors are aware of.. he is very well protected by them. just use common sense and judgement, and again i wish you luck, and i hope he signs for you.
I waited for Bob in Seattle once in the early 90's, the show had already passed start time and he hadn't showed up so I just kept waiting by the stage door of the Paramount. At 8:15 he pulls up in a yellow cab and gets out  wearing a parka and crosses the street heading for the stage door. I'm the ONLY person there and I politely ask him to sign my LP cover and he ignores me turns from the closed stage door and starts walking towards the corner where the main entrance is, I'm walking step for step right next to him and he stops, faces the wall gets as close as he can and flips his hoodie up on his head and just stands there, never saying a word just ignoring me. Just then the stage door opens, he turns and looks and starts to trot to the door and the stage hands come out and block me as Bob reaches the door and goes inside. It was just strange, I mean I'm the only guy there and I still didn't get my LP signed, but I did get a story out of it.

Bob Dylan played three nights in Seattle at the Paramount sometime in the 1990's.  I caught him outside of the hotel.  His security guy was a real prick.  Bob came walking up and i asked if he would sign my Concert for Bangladesh booklet.  Bob asked if I was going to sell it and I said "no" (and yes i still have it).  Bob signed it and walked away.  The next day,  he signed an album for some guy and then the next guy handed Bob another album.  Bob took the pen, turned the pen upside down and pretended to sign then handed the album back with nothing on it.  On the third night,  my friend handed him an album,  Bob took it and said "I've seen this before" and handed it back.    I had also heard that after a performance at the Arena,  Bob came out with his dog and people asked him to sign.  Bob was i guess 15-20 feet away and behind a fence, told people to slide their item to him where he signed quite a few items.  You never know.

I was the guy he flipped then pen over on, acted like he signed it then handed it back, I handed it back again and he said he already signed it then walked away.He signed for a kid before me who said it was for his dad.

What a prick, unimaginable! :(

Does anyone know a good place to try and get a Bob Dylan Autograph I have been looking around.

What are you looking for and what's your price range? Dylan's pricy. Genuine signed photos and albums start in about the $3,000 range, and autographs on regular paper start at $1,000+.

Well I have been looking around and everything that seems legitimate is crazy expensive, talking 10k+. I would love to have an album, but I would be happy with all of the above a album, photo, or paper. If I could find a paper autograph that would go well with a photo in a frame that would be nice.



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