With what i have learned from experts on this site this early 80s Bowie looks good to me. The numbers look correct, the slant downward and positioning, and the "with thanks" all seem to check out. It's failed to sell on eBay for two weeks running and is priced low. If it's a fake i'd love to know why! Any thoughts?

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Do the numbers look correct? 

Hi goodcat1!

Yeah i think so. The 8 looks right, with the lower o smaller than the top one. And there's no join at the top right of the upper o which is normal. As for the 2 I dont see any real consistency in Bowie's 2s especially in that period. What do you see that I'm missing?

This is the closest I've found to it..

For me it looks good.

I am talking about autograph here in the discussion because I did not see the photos on the top before. :-))

Hi Sara,

I understand - that signature in pencil dated 1982 is genuine as well. :)

Hi Eric, glad to see you. The photograph on the top I know and I was very curious why nobody gives an offer for it - even it is a little "messy" - good price. (you know why I am not bidding - dedication).

When bad condition (tape, stain) combines with fading it is a problem to many.

Yes its the #2 that looks off or strange

Although the overall sig looks passable 

What happened to the link to the photo? 

This is not the signature above?

The discussion began seeking opinions of a signed photo which appears to have been deleted.

Not sure what happened to the picture of the piece for sale but I've re-posted it now,


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