Looking to get an opinion on this Bowie. Thanks!

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Looks good to me.

No chance. Looks slowly drawn. It's fake.

I checked with Andy - forgery. Better than many. The wrong style for the year though.

Slightly surprised, but I don’t feel strongly enough to argue against Andy’s opinion.

I know what Mikex means about it looking drawn slowly, but the shape — often the most difficult thing to pull off with Bowie — looks right.  The pen looks poor, which doesn’t help.

My first Bowie IP was in 1991, and it didn’t look anymore convincing than this.

Yes, whoever did this took time to study. This OP reminded me of this style.

still not completely convinced either way...OP resembles this '90 from DBA site

That does not resemble the OP at all.

There's a natural flow to those. Unlike the op


Additionally, it's attached to a drawing alleging to be from a charity auction, so maybe drawn more deliberately? Either way, leaning towards stay away.

Charity Auctions...

Bowie was a very good draughtsman - that sketch is nuts.

Further, with his knowledge and interest in Japanese and Chinese culture I doubt he would have depicted himself with sanpaku - three whites in the eye on our left. It signifies distress, illness and a rather...bad future.


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