Bowie The Man Who Fell to Earth Original and Vintage 1976 Completed

Hi All,

Not sure I have shown this all together. Proper color 8" x 10" heavyweight promo still, photo by Chuck White, from the original release plucked by me from a complete set, Mint, with a heavyweight paper stock album 5" x 7" page signed in Sweden in red fountain pen on or about April 26th, 1976. Bowie hated blue ink, and many of his nicer early signatures are in red or blue ballpoint. This is 1976 and he was experimenting a lot with style and even the content of his signature in this year. This has the flavor of his fuller sigs with the basic abbreviated construction to come in later years with a touch more. This signing style, these forms, and relations, can be seen as late as 1979. This has many traits that are typical of a genuine Bowie, despite the unusual appearance compared to the "norm". I am very proud of this set. I have vintage Rip Torn in 5" x 7" album page but I feel it would detract (the two would be wider than the still, and the Torn is in black fountain). 

When I do frame it I will select a second mat color, the thin one, that will pick up his hair and the signature and sing.

I am VERY proud of this set. 1976 is one tough year

Click for full image:

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Now here is my original 1976 signed index card in blue steel tipped pen with a b/w still which I liked and others really liked but alas - it turns out to be 1985 re-release (grainy) so, no dice. Only originals in my collection. This sig was thought by all to be a secretarials but with the help of others and Roger is was ultimately determined to be genuine. It is incredibly deft for a Bowie, and in retrospect, quite typical in form. I prefer the above set for several reasons - it has more texture and I know when it was signed - 4.26.76. Both are to scale. 

I think you are wise not to include the Rip Torn page it would look too "busy" I think.  I like the still very much it has a great look to it. I am certain with the matting you describe it will really be a great display piece for you.

Thanks Scott. I still sort of agree with the image - the strong b/w that we love so much (think of The Third Man) - but as a 1985 reissue...there is no decision possible for me. The beauty of criterion :) Which signature do you prefer may I ask? 

Yes it is too bad the black and white photograph is not an original still. I love blue ballpoint that is probably my favorite type of ink for autographs and this has that look.  For my own personal tastes I think the way you have the two now is how I would go. 


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