To cut a long story short I bought this autograph from a dealer on eBay with an incredible amount of positive feedback and a history behind items. 

I took it to Beckett who deemed it not authentic ...the in house authenticator didn't know the signature so emailed it to someone and it came back negative.

I spoke to the seller who assured me it was genuine so had it sent to PSA who said it's likely to pass their authentication process. I thin contacted Garry King for a quick opinion and he agreed it looked genuine.

Basically any opinions welcome but I'm more inclined to believe the latter. 

Seller is autograffiti

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Wait, Beckett "emailed it to someone"?! Wow. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but  . . . damn.

The guy that was there wasn't sure on it so emailed it to a colleague who then deemed it not authentic. Isn't that a quick opinion rather than a full inspection?

Voiced my complaints to Beckett who have basically told me where to go...says it all.

Just want a few more opinions on this one as I'd been after it a while.

Doesn't seem to me that this wouldn't be too difficult an autograph to evaluate so the fact PSA and Garry king think it looks good says to me that it most likely is .

None of these TPAs have nearly the comprehensive knowledge they sell themselves as having because, quite frankly, it's impossible. That being said, they idea behind you going to them for a opinion/authentication is that they keep their activity in house instead of tossing it around to whoever.

I see non-stop shoddiness from TPAs and it's starting to really blow my min the extent to which people rely on them.

I agree.

I've definitely lost faith in it all recently with the amount of bad decisions I've seen the make.

Do you have any opinion on the autograph? I honestly go more on opinions of people who have nothing to gain and are actual collectors.

I love Blade Runner but haven't seem much of his autograph in particular and really wouldn't know real vs secretarial/forgery.



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