I recently came across this Britney Spears DVD for three dollars at a thrift store. I buy a lot of DVDs. It is common for people to write their names on them. When I got home and looked closer at the DVD, I realized that it wasn't the name of the previous owner, but was the autograph of Britney Spears. (Or an attempted forgery)

While I am familiar with collectibles like sports cards, I have no experience with autographs. The skeptical side of me says there is no way it is legitimate. With that said, the DVD was released in 2005. She toured my city in 2009.. It is at least plausible that someone may have received her autograph locally if there was any sort of contest or meet and greet tied to the show. 

After a bit of preliminary research, I settled on using Beckett quick opinion. I understand that it is very unreliable, but for a novice it is a starting point. Unfortunately, the autograph received "unlikely to pass". Through my research, I have seen that while unlikely to pass isn't a good thing, it isn't a rock solid indication that the autograph is a forgery. Which is why I decided to make a post here to see what you guys think. 

Both the front cover and the insert are signed. Like I said before, I'm reasonably skeptical and don't really expect this to be authentic. Gambling $10 for the Beckett Quick Opinion is one thing, but I am not sure that I would gamble the full cost to have this looked at for full certification. 

In my shoes, would you send this in? Or is it blatantly counterfeit? 

(Note: There is a smiley face on the cover autograph, it is difficult to see because of the darkness of where it is placed)

(Edit: Added better photos. The photo with the white background is the DVD case that is signed. It is signed on the plastic, so I removed the inner paper cover and replaced it with a white piece of paper. Additionally, I pulled out my scanner this time.)

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I'm not the best at identifying an authentic piece by this signer, but I do know that Britney has quite a few variations in her autograph, including the hearts and smiley faces. Still, the pictures above are questionable, for sure. I don't know if I'd send it to Beckett (or any other leading authentication service, for that matter) considering the quick opinion you received. While yes, these opinions can sometimes be unreliable, it's at least worthy to consider. And also, to consider where you got this from. I personally would side with the Beckett opinion you received.

Thanks for the input. 

After your post, I added some better photos to the main post. Maybe it makes it easier for people to form an opinion on this one way or another.

I have a good scanner for sports cards but it wasn't hooked up at my desk when I originally photographed the autograph. It was easier to snap a picture, and I guess laziness won out there. With the benefit of hindsight, I should have scanned the autograph originally. I also got the bright idea to put a white piece of paper behind the autograph on the case.

If you have any additional insights one way or another with the new photos, let me know. 

Thank you again for taking the time to reply. 

here's a pretty old post I show people when I see questions about a Britney signature.. 


Yours looks similar to the secretarial signatures but not exact.. i havent seen a real Britney signed the way yours is unfortunately 

Thanks for the info.

Yeah, one of the points in my research was that I have had a difficult time finding any examples with the 'Y' swooping the way it does in mine. I can see certain elements that seem to match other autographs, but that wouldn't be impossible for someone to copy.

Keep in mind, my level of knowledge in autographs is limited to watching Pawn Stars (I know), but the insert looks really deliberate to my eye (which could be wrong). The cover looks more scattered, like the persons hand was lifted at certain points (especially the smiley face). But that might just be from the difficulties of signing a DVD cover that might be prone to smudging. 

I'm certainly not holding out any hope for it to be legitimate. Unless someone comes in this thread with a really compelling argument for certification, I'll continue assuming it is not authentic. It'll likely just sit on my DVD shelf.

These are not authentic examples IMO. Her signature has changed a fair bit but these are all off.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I appreciate the input. 



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