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I do not believe O'Connor signed that.  Here is one that I believe is authentic.

Scott your O’Connor is legitimate IMO.

Thank you, Doc it actually is not, mine I stole it for my exemplar file.  It was one Brucato had at one time.   I do have a Carrol O'Connor check made out to a James O'Connor, so you see him write the last name twice, which is interesting.  I think I had it posted on here somewhere. You are correct I am certain that both signatures on the photo above were done by the same person and pen.  I have a fair size All in the Family collection with everyone who were on at least ten episodes except I am too cheap to pay what most people want for Billy Halop nowadays.  

Not sure on the Stapleton, but the O’Connor is fake.

I had the whole cast of AITF signed on a magazine cover at one time and this is Not Authentic. 

they are both fake

Thanks all

I’ll wager $5 bucks both signatures are from the same hand.

All jokes aside, O’Connor is a signature that I’ve studied intently. I have a cast signed AITF photo that I know is genuine. This photo is of course no good.


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