Cary Grant…..looks like another heading for the bin…..Opinions…..Thanks

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This is fine IMO, David. 

Mr. C, Thanks for the look.

Is this a signed photo? Paper?

Joe W., My OP is card stock, the Saul post is from a photo.

Ok. Yours has a glossy appearance. I am leaning toward not likely. I would expect the signature to look a bit more rushed than it does. Especially if it was an in person situation.

The card could have been a card sent TTM. Sending index cards was common years ago.

This is true, Steve. Although I still feel uncomfortable with this signature.

Joe W., When I shot the image it was still in its ultra pro. 

I believe it to be authentic. Personally, I wouldn't be too concerned about the r-a connection as long as so many other topics and the "spirit" of the sig as a whole are fitting. The dedication looks legit as well.

KaiMi, Thanks for the look.



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