Morning all :)

I began to realise, way back in the 1950s, what a very special game golf is. The game has this ability to cut across all sorts of boundaries and bring together people from all different, backgrounds, sports, walks of life simply thru their mutual love of playing the game.

It's this strange "draw" of the game that has seen the likes of (listed in no particular order other than how they now pop into my mind !!) Mary Queen of Scots, King Edward VII, President Eisenhower (along with several other occupants of The Oval Office), Babe Ruth, Joe E Brown, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Joey Bishop, Katherine Hepburn, Cheryl Ladd, Cindy Crawford, Celine Dion, Heather Locklear, Joe Pesci, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas, Hugh Grant, Samuel L Jackson, Bill Murray, Engelbert Humperdink, Sly Stallone, Commander Alan Shepard, Sir Bobby Charlton, Sir Ian Botham, Bill Gates, Huey Lewis, Alice Cooper, Michael Jordan, Nick Nolte, George Clooney, Dennis Quaid, Tim Allen, Morgan Freeman, Andy Garcia, Clint Eastwood, Chris O'Donnell, Bing Crosby and - of course - Sir Leslie Townes Hope aka "Bob" :) - drawn together and, in some cases, develop a serious addiction to the fairways :)

The list is just about endless :)

So - if you could get a signed/unsigned item of golfing memorabilia from a celebrity golfer (alive or dead) who would it be and what would you ask for?

In my little collection I've got what I like to think of as some "extra-special" pieces : President Ronald Reagan's golf bag; some of President Clinton's golf balls; golf ball and golf sketch from the first American in space and commander of Apollo 14 - Alan Shepard ... so - what would you ask for :)

Me - I'd like to get Marilyn Monroe to kiss one of my golf balls and leave her lipstick imprint on it. Is she would then sign it for me ... wow :)

Dreams are made of this :)

Happy dreaming and collecting to you all - and stay on the short grass :)

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okay - well, I'd help out and settle for a kiss on the cheek to leave more room for the signature on the ball. I'd be nothing but obliging to help her out :)

I'd have to go your "settling" route, David. I want Marilyn's kiss on the cheek.

She'll be gone 50 years this August...and I'll bet anyone who got a kiss by her has never forgotten it.

So save me a place in line... :)

Yes, I think I am being VERY fair to her there :)

50 years!! Now that is something I didn't need to be reminded of :)

If anybody could do it, Marilyn could have. 

I think there is an old photo floating around of Jackie Gleason goofing off around the tee box with Arnold Palmer. Imagine having 2 of the greatest icons of 1950's television autographed on one photo! Of course, Jackie golfed with many other celebrities and a quick google search will show many of his goofy golf shots. I'm tellin' you, Alice!

Nice one :) Yup - that would be a one for the personal archive. There are also some vintage photos around of Babe Ruth with golf club in hand messing around down in, I think, Florida. That would have been a goodie to get signed too :) All the best, David.


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