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Hi everyone,

this is my first post here, thanks for adding!

I always try to collect my autographs in person, purchase from trustworthy in-person-dealers or buy signed stuff with a good chance that the signature is authentic (like official signed and limited book editions, contracts, etc.) or at least with some provenance information.

When it comes to Chaplin this is a big problem and I am very, very suspicious regarding all the offered autographs which you can find on the internet.

My plan is to purchase one of his later signatures, since I see a higher risk for fakes on photos or postcards with popular motives (why would you forge his signature on postcards from the 60s, if you can earn twice or three times as much on "Tramp" motives?).

Furthermore, I'm looking for signed postcards and not for signatures on blank pages / paper sheets. My idea is, that you don't have unlimited tries to forge a signature accurately if you have to place it on an old postcard.

What I found and would like to ask you for your opinion on is the following postcard, signed by Charlie Chaplin and Oona O’Neill, Lady Chaplin. I'm still not too deep into the characteristics of his signature, but this seems to be from the mid 60's (?) and while comparing it to other later signatures I have a good feeling on this one.

What I have read in one posting here is, that Oona signed for Charlie frequently, but that those signatures are relatively easy to spot. What I didn't find were information on HOW to spot them. For me, it looks like two different hand writings, but this is just my feeling.

I would be very happy to learn your thoughts on this autograph! Thank you very much!


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