COA All Star Auctions Forged Autographed 500 Home Run Club Baseball Ebay Seller Greatdeals879

Here's another forged "500 Homerun Club" baseball that recently sold on Ebay.

The below set of "500 Homerun Club" forgeries were sold by Ebay seller Greatdeals879 who is consistent seller of "Florida" forgeries on Ebay.

The worthless COA is from "All Star Auctions."

It sold for a whopping $155.50.

Again, does the delusional buyer of this crap really think they got a set of authentic "500 Homerun Club" autographs on a baseball for $155.50?

Again, the worthless COA is from All Star Auctions.

I have yet to see any authentic autographs with a COA from All Star Auctions.

The majority of this crap sold with a worthless COA from All Star Auctions are the "Florida" forgeries.

Ebay, of course, is an enabler of this garbage.

EBay continues to profit big-time from the sales of forgeries.

These are all no-brainer forgeries.

Look at this crap.

I have never seen an authentic autograph with a COA from All Star Auctions.


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Michael Greene is the person who signed this COA. He now is the head of ALL STAR Autctions of Miami! He claims that someone was illegally using his information on COA's! I noticed the year on the ones posted here is 2017 and he is just now claiming he found out! I purchased an item at a silent auction on Feb.28, 2020 with his COA info on it. I asked if he was going to prosecute the guy who did the fraud (he has his name and address) and he said he has a lawyer ready to go if he does it again!!! (Notice that he changed the name from All Sports auctions to All Star acutions.).



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