Hey everyone.

I know this was posted late last year. But there was no answer at the end of the thread.

Just wondering about how legit HOLLYWOOD MEDIA AUTOGRAPHS are?

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So you posted the same question "late last year" and here you post it again.

Between then and now, have you done any research yourself?

No....I didn't post this question last year. Another member on here did, in November 2015.

However, there were no answers to the end of their post. A few replies, but no defining answers. And, yes. I have looked.

But that's the point of *this* site is to help people not get "mugged off."

And you didn't find anything?

Then you answered your own question.

Why even comment if you're not messaging to help out?

Because it isn't about a "company name," it's about the autographs a company is selling.

Did you post photos of any of the autographs that "Hollywood Media Autographs" are selling?

Ok, thanks. I've edited the discussion name and also added 3 pics of items they're selling. 

Hope that helps.

The second photo is from Anthony Nurse AKA Autograph Store, a well known source of forgeries.

Thanks, Mike. 

I'm pretty sure now you have said that and the many, many links on here regarding Autograph Store. They are all basically BS.

Also, my friend wants this Bowie signature looked at by you experts.As I'm a "noob" when it comes to this compare to some people here.

Pic of Bowie's autograph. 

Thanks, again. :)

Looks like a slowly drawn forgery to me.

Thanks, I did think it looked a bit "meh" 

He's not going for it, and neither will I. He has 4 others and I have 2 "genuine signatures" which have been bought a while back that we now think are "bs"...Luckily I didn't pay as much as friends did.

I'll post them up tomorrow as it's stupid o'clock here in the UK and I'm


That is not Bowie's signature.


Yeah. That's what I said before friend wasted money on what looks like a doodle.

These others are some he and I got off ebay.



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