That You say about this signed photo " CCR ". I in doubts -Cost me his its buy?

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I cant see the stu 

doug usualy signs cosmo and adds ccr to his name 

its usualy doug cosmo Clifford on three lines

so I have my doubts eith way u cant see the stu and the john is hard to see so woudnt buy it

Yes Doug signed my LP with Cosmo, plus this Fogerty looks off to me

I think they used a dark photo so it was harder to authenticate. 

I agree my opinion is no good

Just because Doug did not add Cosmo, does not make it Fake. I've handled many items where he didn't sign Cosmo. Stu, definitely doesn't sign like this. John is definitely off as well. I would say, No Good! But it's not because of the Cosmo.


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