This is a via venue autograph that I got back after 3+ months.  I am anticipating some assumptions that TTM has to be fake or signed by a stage hand, so if you are speculating, please don't bother to respond and dash my hopes.  If anyone has experience with Daniel Radcliffe that could share an opinion, I would be most appreciative!

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While not an expert, it looks good to me.  He has been very good signer during his performance runs, considering his level of fame.  I studied & shopped for a Radcliffe in 2017 and this is very consistent from what I recall seeing.  (although I was buying an inexpensive signed Playbill instead of a photo or Potter piece).   Be sure to look for signs of autopen or a print or stamp, but I would not think it to be the case from him nowadays.   Definitely nice a nice piece of mail to get back!   Again - this is my opinion based on my own research/experiences. 

Thank you for your thorough and thoughtful response!  Much appreciated!  I sent the photo, so it is not a print, it's not a stamp, and I'm pretty sure it's not autopen.  I'm thrilled to have gotten it back! Thanks again!

thats his signature.  Whether its live ink or not is the question



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