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Hello everyone.

I've recently acquired this wonderfully signed "Heroes" typed-lyrics sheet from 1991 at a really nice price -I contacted Andy Peters via mail today and he confirmed it's authentic!-.

I want to sell it again, but I'd like to avoid eBay as much as possible. Any advices on trustable webs/places where I can put it up for sale?

Thank you very much in advance!

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List it on Andy’s site, free of charge.  That’s what I did with my 1972 Bowie autograph.  It took a while, and I had to field a few time wasters along the way, but I eventually got the price I wanted — and no fees.  The autograph went to a true collector, who now treasures it as I once did.

Did you ask Andy about possibly selling it at his website?

Hello, Stepeanut and Eric. I didn't think about that! However, I don't even know what price to ask for it, so I was just expecting to post it somewhere people could send me offers. eBay offers GREAT visibility, but I don't like its public nor the huge fees they charge you for each sale.

Thank you for your kind responses, by the way.

Andy will value it fairly for you.  He knows the market well.

It’s an odd piece, IMO.  1991 was Tin Machine II era, so the signature is at odds with the typewritten lyrics from 14 years earlier.  My guess is that a fan typed out their favourite lyric then tracked down Bowie whilst he was on tour with Tin Machine.

1991 was the first time I met Bowie in person, btw.  He was pretty easy to meet during that period, so autographs from that year are not especially rare.

Hello again,

Andy is well versed in prices. He should be able to guide you. I help out there from time to time, and Steve is there a LOT. He is a font of Bowieness! Both of them.

This piece is rad. 

Well, I'm selling it! In case you're interested!


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