Hi, appreciate thoughts on this one. Cheers, Tim

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Not for me. May well be good, perhaps IP, but rather odd style for 1985 and so atypical I would not handle it. Strange numeral 5.

Cheers. Been struggling with this 1 myself. Particularly find the number 5 weird also. Story is it was won in a competition. 1 of 25. Have a letter that looks authentic but strange thing is it's dated 1983 and sig is dated 85. Maybe it took a while for the album to be signed or maybe the letter belonged with another album ...
I actually don't have a problem with this. I have a signed page from '85, so I will photography so we can compare.

With the letter, it does look plausible. As you mentioned Tim, there might have been a delay with actually getting Bowie to sign the 25 albums!

I don't actually have a problem with this either, I have a few mid 80's exemplar scans to com pare. I just would not handle this.

Thanks guys

Looks good IMO

Looks authentic but is it attractive? Not to me. It is lost on that cover in that location with that ink IMO. To each his own.

His signature was evolving again, as always, and appears unsettled in the 83-85 period when this is from. I think I just don't like this period.  He seemed lost musically. Look at the variation below. By 1986-89 he is more firm. As he was in 78-79 and then in 1980 and of course after 1993 or so. Click for full images.

What is the coast of this Let's Dance LP BTW?

First is IP in Hershey Park 1983.


Roger's I believe. Signed entering premiere of some film. Very attractive.

Here is my 1976 alongside a nice 1979. Click for full image:

heres an in person poster its  mine .i know eric likes to dates these so the bet i could say is 1990s after 95. before he moved downtown

signed at his apartment in nyc no crowd .its part of a very large original concert poster i have.

the poster also lists genesis and phil coliins signed it and it has a few other bands lisated ,yes its for sale if some one want to step up to the plate.

and also signed by the poster artist,

please note its not a cheap poster unsigned

also list a concert for bob wier of the grateful dead ,foghat 

size around 16 x 22

our resident bowie expert says its from 1996.so thats fits my memory and time line

Lovely! 1996 :) For someone who hated blue ink it's around as much as the 70's red. 



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