What do you Bowie experts think of that signature?

Thanks for sharing your opinions.

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In my eyes looks good, but wait for Mark and Eric as I'm not so sure in autographs after 2000. :-)

Hi, I’m not familiar enough  with his signature to give an opinion but I’m sure Eric and a few others will chime in shortly, I’ve honestly only seen his autograph a hand full of times and most of them the members here had some doubts about them, that being said it looks really nice which isn’t always a great thing, but like I said please wait for others who actually viewed his signature more then a few times for a more expertise opinion 

It appears fine for the date - those numerals seem a little stiff/odd to me but I am more familiar with pre 1981 than post 2000. I do miss my signed 2010 CD gatefold, but I certainly love my new 1993 vinyl 12" single.

Hi All...

Yes this is thumbs up genuine.

Thanks a lot for your comments. I've been quite certain myself, but I rather see what the real Bowie experts here in this community think before maybe doing something foolish. 

Indeed. You are good to go I think ;) It is lovely.

Oh yeah, Eric. It is a very very nice one. I bought and already received it. Conveniently the condition is even near mint. I love that album. To own a copy signed in the right year makes me very happy. Another beautiful addition to my Bowie collection. 

Excellent! We both got new Bowie's! :) My collection is done - 1976 and 1993.


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