Are these A4 lithographs signed in pencil ok. They are  by on thin textured card. Like most other items they come it an Andy Peters COA. Were these given to record company management or is that a story. Epperson says they are ok. What are your thoughts

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How about a title that clearly mentions what the thread is about? 

I feel like I'm eavesdropping on someone's personal conversation.  If you want to message specific members there is a function for that.

You are very welcome to eavesdrop.

JK is right. If you want to communicate with specific members then you direct message them.

Roger says they are authentic. He didn't know about this situation. He does now.


I edited this to be a public discussion and moved it to the David Bowie forum.

This looks great to me. 

Andy. I have not made accusations. I have only asked questions. I'm in the process of purchasing this lithograph, so needed some questions answered before i paid for it. 

It is Andy who has initiated an unjustified elevation. 

The asterisks and Xs don't conceal the address.  It's easy enough to fill in the blanks using Google.

I don't know how UK law works on these matters, but in the US I imagine that Andy is considered a public figure since he sells and authenticates autographs. Michael, on the other hand, is not, so maliciously doxxing him might be potentially actionable.

"Silly move legally".

Mikex's address appears to have been removed, probably by "Andy." I just saw his request to remove it and by the time I could get to it, it was gone.

The question was for individuals but i would like the answers public, if that's within the rules

Sounds good to me, but a better title (which Steve has added) allows for the Search function to pick up the thread.

Are you aware that this is illegal in the UK. 


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