I just don’t trust this. What do you guys think?

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It is a poor IP example if authentic and it is on a baseball....I'd simply pass.

It’s authentic, I know the original owner who got it in person I believe ‘06. 

But as Eric mentions, would I want to own an overpriced, rushed signed American baseball from a British guitarist? Probably not

the only thing is its probably the only one out there and he basicly doesn't sign so its very rare and if u collect baseballs u might want it

some times u have to reflect  what the artist does with there signing habbits when u pick and chose on what to pass on,

That alone doesn't do it for me. Heck, it is in great shape too, but... It sounds more like a novelty item - a hard sell as well IMO. It is odd, yes, but not in the way I prefer. And it has that freeloading self-advertising sticker on it. Grr.

and that sticker will get it twice the price than without

Not from me ;) I don't buy sell or recommended vandalized items. At best they are maxed out in value, at worst some collector is relying solely on the damn thing. 

This is actually rare because David passes on all balls now.  He will not even look at them. I believe this is authentic, although atypical.  Nice item but limited market. Need someone who is a fan of both baseball and floyd and does not mind the weird crossover of the two.

To folks like me, the sticker means nothing. The "rarity" could work against - you just said he doesn't signed balls now so again, an perhaps uphill sale for another reason. Then its rushed. I don't think the consumer for this would be among my customers.  

I saw a weird baseball item signed by all 4 like a program page i dont remember where it was but its like floyd and baseball is a weird mix

Are you referring to this one? If so, its a forgery.

A forgery with a sticker :(




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