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I was deeply saddened by the sudden death of Davy Jones on Feb. 29, 2012. I had the good fortune to see him perform with the Monkees three times, perform with the "Teen Idols" once, and meet him in-person four times.

I welcome anyone else to post their remembrances, i.e. favorite songs he sang or other tv shows or movies he was in or Broadway productions or your own personal encounters of or with him. I think I especially enjoyed the ballads he sang. "I Wanna Be Free" and "Shades of Gray". I also liked "Cuddly Toy" and "Girl" from the Brady Bunch episode. If anyone has the Monkees "Justus" album...I really liked Davy's written and sung "It's Not Too Late". Beautiful song!

I was very saddened to hear about the passing of Davy Jones.  I'm 30 now, the Monkees were my first favorite group as a kid, when their show began being re-aired in the early 80's, I watched them religiously every day (I now have both season sets on DVD).  My first concert was the Monkees during their 1987 reunion tour... I was six, but I remember it.  I remember sitting on my dad's shoulders to see...  I just took a picture of the Tour T-Shirt my parents bought me from that show that I still have... it doesn't quite fit anymore, haha... I wore it all the time as a kid... and of course my bedroom had Posters of the Monkees, news paper clippings from the concerts I went to on my wall that my mom cut out for me... My parents took me to see the Monkees again a few years later and I last saw them a few years back at The Electric Factory in Philly with my Dad, that show was with Davy Jones & Mickey Dolenz, no Peter Tork for some reason (funny story, I found out about the show last minute, called my Dad night of the show who was at a wedding reception, he left wedding reception to go, haha... we got tickets at the door) ... I really wish I had had the chance to meet Davy Jones, he seemed like a really genuinely nice guy, down to earth... What were your experiences like meeting him Julie? What were Dolenz and Tork like?  You ever meet Nesmith?   God Bless Davy Jones...

Hi Brian,

    Never met Nesmith. Davy was quite pleasant. So were Peter and Micky. Matter of fact, when I attended their 45th anniversary concert last June, Pete was the one who came out to speak to the V.I.P. people backstage after the show. He was very apologetic for the delay and that there would be no time for autographs beyond the fan photo with the three of them. Micky came out a couple of times, trying to get Davy to arrive. I remember Micky saying something about Davy feeling sick to his stomach, or something like that. This was only their 2nd day of the tour!

     When I met Davy in Dec. 2000 while on his book tour, we were told he'd only sign 2 items, I believe, one being his book. I bought his book and had him sign it and he signed a photo for a friend of mine and he signed the sleeve of the "Teen Idols" t-shirt I was wearing. I wasn't called out for that.

Peter is usually very approachable.  He, like many, have their moments. The last few years he has reguarly attended SuperMegaFest Show and a few years back had Mickey Dolenz.  When you ask about Nesmith it's usually "IDK".  I wonder what is the source of Nesmith's boggle is?

Never met davy so good for you julie...  here is a shot I found of him  in my archives on the keybds playing for the VIP after hour party.  Funny thing about this shot is they didn't have the sound amp'd correctly so he did "last train" archapela laughing thru most of it...  and when it came on finally, he goes "now heres what is sounds like with an instrument".

Autographed L.A. MID 90S

These two were pre-printed and mass-produced for the Teen Idols Tour in 1998.

I met davy jones a few times. The first time he was at our local radio station promoting his concert for that evening.  He signed my book of his autobiography at the radio station. My family and i met him before and after his last tour with the monkees. Nothing against peter or micky who did not sign after the show because they just like davy have always been awsome ttm. It was just awsome that davy signed after playing a 2 hour show andplus for a meet greet as well but still made time for his fans outside as well. The memories that i have from my autographs of the monkees especially davy and their music will always mean alot to me!

This is the T-shirt I bought at their concert last June. The same one I was wearing the day Davy died. The shirt is white, though it doesn't look it here in the photos.

And this is the commemorative poster I also bought at their show last June. Distributed by Rhino Entertainment.


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