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His signature can vary a bit but I don't like this but wait and see what others say

I kind of think the same but who knows it may be his. I mean jsa authenticated this 

Yours looks off to me. Like it was done very slowly. For comparison, here’s one I have that was obtained in person. 

i saw that one jsa authenticated. clearly that was funny when i saw it. i don’t think either is good either and agree with the others in your billy joel question . 

i don’t think it’s good 

One more question fellas. I’m looking at buying one from Hollywood memorabilia on eBay. Are they reputable? Everything seem legit about them as in are the sigs usually authentic?

It is best  to show the graph in question. A blanket statement like "they are good" is mostly useless. Each autograph on it's own merit. And remember ask first, and there is no rush. 

Here is the one in question 

this ones good. no question on this one from me with this one 

i’m not a fan of hollywood memorabilia. they just take others stuff and buys them to resell them to you . they scrape my stuff i post and charge people 10 times the amount and then will buy it and stick their stupid sticker on the stuff. not a fan but that’s just me. 

Do you have any Billy Joel signed albums for sale? 

yes i have an amazing piano man lp signed in silver gorgeous . has cert letter already as well. email me at  and i’ll send you pictures  



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