Dolly Parton & James Patterson signed book!!

Be quick!!! 

Sure to sell out pretty quick! 

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The same happened with the Aurora 'Signed ' LP and CD that arrived not  signed a couple of months ago  - Her webstore didn't reply to 3 direct emails so i started a Paypal Claim, they didn't reply on Paypal either so i got a full refund and still have the non signed items

Thanks for the heads up. I just filed my dispute with PayPal so we’ll see. 

I was trying to give Chronicle a chance to do the right thing but I suspect this may be how they handle for legal reasons- there will be no explicit admission by any party and even refunding on case by case basis could be seen as an admission. So they are just non-responsive at this point and will let PayPal decide I guess.

Seems like they will still owe an answer to those who didn’t use PayPal and are past time limit of their credit card but I’m not waiting any longer- approaching 6 month mark for PayPal. 

make sure you ESCALATE TO PAYPAL

Thanks, I went ahead and escalated when I filed the dispute. So far, it seems no response from Chronicle to the dispute, or my last emails. 

Thanks for this, I'd probably overlooked the escalate option if it weren't for your comment. 

Unfortunately it didn't do any good, it got denied

I escalated my claim and on the weekend I received an update on my claim with the option to return for full refund

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Lol…WTF?!? Nice job! 

Any chance you can post the fb links here to help us file a claim as well. Thanks. 

I used this page link and several. Just pick any of discussion in any other autograph groups on Fb. You might have to be a meme we to view but I’m sure they didn’t read all of it. 

I just messaged Chronicle on their Instagram as they always answered my questions there before quickly. I told them it’s been almost two weeks since customers emailed, linked the article someone posted earlier about the Songteller fake signatures. I said that folks would be filing complaints with the Attorney General and filing fraud charges with their credit card companies. I told them the book is now earmarked as a fake and fraudulent autograph in the collecting communities and that PayPal is already issuing refunds. I told them they better do right by customers soon or we will take to their social media (every post) and keep addressing the situation. I’m truly tired of this crap. Is there a number for that place or an email for a CEO? I’m not stopping. The book is garbage. 



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