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They cut the price in half since Friday. Nice deal.

I am wondering if they will be fake as seems a bit too good to be true. I guess we will all find out soon enough.

I think these will be okay. 

Though the sheer volume is a bit of a concern. It seems like maybe, somehow these have flown a bit more under the radar than you might think.

I got mine earlier today, card is printed pretty cheap but the auto seems good, different placement from the others she’s posted and much better condition than the printed photo.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

The sig on mine is very similar but not identical so looks good.

I ordered a few 'Signed' CDs at £4.99  - my CDs have come but No signed Cards - so a Blatant rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats why they were £4.99 paypal claimbacks here we come!

Signed art cards ship separately

Thanks maybe they will, there is no mention of the signed art card on my invoices, the signed art cards shipped with my LP bundle and cassette bundles, seems weird to ship a card separately when they are only £4.99 and charging only £1.99 postage as it is 

Seems to be the same shipper that handled the Lewis Capaldi prints, so I can't wait to see how bent to hell the Dua cards are.

Has anyone received their signed art cards yet in a separate shipment from their CD's?

I haven't received mine from the £5 offer



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