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signed 12x12 prints here:

Just ordered one Thanks

Are you in the USA? When I click, it still refreshes the page to show the shop without any signed print bundles

interesting. If i go to the link i see everything. But as soon as i click on it it reroutes me to the US shop where none of these options are available. But if i jump on a vpn which makes it think i am in then EU i can then add things to my cart and ship them to the US.

Cheapest US option seems to be the cd+cassette bundle which is $55 shipped to the states for 1 or $90 for 2.

I hate that Amazon UK seems to no longer ships to the US, as I'd rather have this signed cd than the print. If anyone sees a US option pop up anywhere can you update this thread? Thanks.

now sold out at amazon. It's a good sign that these will be signed by Duran Duran not DuVan DuVan -sorry

Was it ever available on Amazon? Did anyone actually purchase it from there? I saw the link this morning, but it said temporarily out of stock. Also, it says that it's a signed insert and not signed cd.

It was definitely available if you were delivering it to the UK. But it said out of stock to the US. I think that was just a technicality as they won't ship a lot of stuff here anymore.

I'm in Europe and usually am able to order from Amazon UK. I've encountered times where they only sell items within the UK, but it usually gives me a different error message. Anyway, we'll see if more become available.

Saw the same message as well.  I guess it won't indicate " not available to your country".  Prints must be sold out as well, I click the link and it takes me to another page , just the product only

go in through the tm website and type in signed I did and it popped up and i was able to order one

CD looks to be back in stock on amazon UK for non US people. If anyone orders one and feels like picking up an extra and sending it over to the states when in arrives I'd cover any costs.



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