eBay seller aussiepickers2013 is selling fake forged Michael Jordan autograph basketball

Check out the link


Seller aussiepickers2013 is selling a terrible Michael Jordan forgery.

To add insult he is claiming he got it himself from a Jordan camp.
He mustn't know that UDA authenticate the autographs at a camp.
He got the year wrong of the camp.
And why would he bring this NCAA ball to the Jordan camp if he was to go.
And why would he pay the $15,000 to attend the camp, bring this crappy ball and then sell it.

aussiepickers2013 is a liar and a fraud as as far as I'm concerned he must be a forger also.

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I told him if he's going to sell fakes the worst thing to
Do is say you got it yourself. There's only one conclusion then.
He should of used the old "picked it up in a storage lot"

yeah i cant keep track off how many times i have heard or seen the storage lot card played. why would anyone leave items like this in storage for them not to pay the fee and have the storage company auction/sell the storage locker to someone when, if the item is authentic you could easily sell it for good coin and pay to keep your s*** in the storage unit..F**K i hate these pricks that sell fake especially MJ...Sorry for the language and hatred but I am a huge jordan fan and he is the reason I started playing ball as a kid and just hate when loser try to undermine every authentic items with straight up fakes and claim they are authentic.

No worries. I feel the same. I reckon over half the Jordans for Sale are fake but this takes the cake.

Sure any experienced collector knows this is terrible but what about the wife or mother or friend that is buying this as a present.
What about the kid that has no idea but just believes it to be real.

Yeah this seller is everything you called him and more.

And me being probably the only collector / seller that actually gets some in person NBA autos it s**** me because me selling items is what pays for me to travel again and for every fake sold in Oz it not only takes away from me but also lowers the value of my items.

agreed. and yes i dont believe i will ever get the chance but hey we can always just hope...I was an auto collector for a memorabilia company a few years back and then did some of my own stuff and only really focused on AFLs top teams and players as they are easy to sell when the team and/or player is playing great and when there all over the news it makes it even easier.

This terrible Michael Jordan forgery written and sold by eBay seller aussiepickers2013 is currently over $100 with 4 hours left.

As Chris Williams would say "stupid wannabe autograph collectors"

This fake autograph has to go down as one of the worst ever.
This fake sold for over $170


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