Ebay Seller Jacchan-89 Lists Forged Signed Derek Jeter Baseball COA Not Steiner Sports

Out of all of my years of exposing Ebay forgeries of Mantle, Jeter, DiMaggio, etc., the below "Derek Jeter" autographed baseball is one of the most laughable forgeries I have ever observed.

The below forged Derek Jeter baseball is listed by Ebay seller Jacchan-89 who claims the COA is from Steiner Sports.

Someone will eventually buy this crap which doesn't surprise me since forgeries are a huge business/industry on Ebay because Ebay is so heavily-populated with delusional autograph collectors, impulse buyers and the gullible.

Let's look at the forged Derek Jeter baseball listed by Ebay seller Jacchan-89.

This is one piece-of-crap forgery.

Looks like it was penned by a three-year old.

And, Ebay seller Jacchan-89 claims this originates from Steiner Sports, which, of course, it doesn't.

Look at this crap!!!

You would be hard-pressed to find another Jeter forgery as bad as this one.

I have exposed dozens of Ebay sellers who fraudulently claim that their "Jeter" autograph originates from Steiner Sports and they never have the Steiner Sports COA, only a fake or stolen hologram.

Even though I have communicated with Steiner Sports about this garbage, I have never heard back from them, but I will continue to expose the EBay sellers who list and sell this crap!!


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