Ebay Seller Markman Lists Forged Counterfeit Derek Jeter 1994/1995 Upper Deck Card

Immediately below is a link to my blog titled "Derek Jeter Signed/Forged 1994/1995 Counterfeit Upper Deck Baseball Card Part 2.

Please note that there is a link to Part 1 included in Part 2.


As word gets out, I believe we will be seeing numerous buyers of the forged/counterfeit cards trying to dump them to recoup their money as opposed to returning it to the source or destroying them.

We will also be observing many of the buyers of the forged/counterfeit cards who are not aware of them being counterfeit, attempting to flip them for a profit.

Either way, I will be exposing them to get the word out even further.

The below Derek Jeter forged/counterfeit card is listed by Ebay seller Markman.


As you can observe, laughable forgery.

Observe the raised "R" in "Jeter."

Obvious counterfeit card.

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even if you aren't well versed in Jeter's signature, if you look closely at the print, the letters in his name are not properly aligned. A real butcher job.


A real butcher job.

The seller took down their auction.


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