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Was just wondering if anyone has had experience with eBay seller Regs43. I'm based in England so have rarely dealt with North American based eBay sellers

Mainly sells ice hockey cards and photos


Doesn't give COA with any auctions but has over 1600 feedback, 170 followers and over 9000 items listed. Some prices seem realistic but others (Austin Matthews £15 and Mike Eruzione £5) seem almost too good to be true

Any advice is appreciated

Thanks in advance


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When it comes to the quality of the seller, the Ebay stats mean virtually nothing.

I think it's fair to ask how he gets his stuff. If he is legit, the types and quality of the items he's selling suggests he gets them primarily through the mail, in which case it's not likely that everything he has is authentic.


have sent a message so will see what he comes back with! Running a auction/ raffle for my hockey club so don't exactly want fake signatures!


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