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Following a record-breaking debut, Ella Mai brings us her highly anticipated Sophomore Album, Heart On My Sleeve. With the physical available upon immediate release, May 6, 2022, fans can experience the thrill of running to the store to grab the CD and press play on their favorite R&B songstress.

Track List
1. Trying
2. Not Another Love Song
3. Didn't Say (Featuring Latto)
4. Break My Heart
5. Fallen Angel
6. How (Featuring Roddy Rich)
7. Pieces
9. Hide
10. Power Of A Woman
11. A Mess (Featuring Lucky Dave)
12. Feels Like
13. Leave You Alone
14. Sink or Swim
15. Fading Out

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Two observations on these. 1. They haven't sold out yet. 2) if you look at the video below, she seems to be drawing a line on each of these. I should have mine in on Wednesday, but I'm really not expecting much here.


Rich, I will find out what they look like on Wednesday/this week when the two copies I ordered arrive!  Yes, it is weird that they aren't sold out o.O

This is what I got. Signed card sealed in the CD.

I suspect these aren’t real. She posted a video of her literally drawing a line on these cards, so I really don’t know what we’re supposed to do with that.

It may appear to be a line because of how fast the video was sped up.. ive been trying to zoom in and slow it down but it drops the frame rate too low. I believe there isn't enough information within the video to precisely show in detail how she signed (there are way too many missing frames when slowed down to real time speed).. i was a wedding videographer for years.. tons of editing experience.. also, on the video, she is signing in the exact same spot as the example you provided. 

While this info isn't proof these are real, there just isn't enough info to doubt them based only on her Twitter video

I tried entertaining the possibility that there just isn’t enough information here, but if you slow it down - limited frame rate and all - there’s just zero evidence she’s making any other hand motion other than a straight line. That’s really what it looks like. The motion and elapsed time on each suggest that’s precisely what’s going on.

But limited frame rate at normal speed is what is key.. there are WAY too many frames missing that would give you any information of motion other than left to right from our view. (The video is flipped horizontally which would confuse some looking closely) the only thing I could tell you to do for proof is to record yourself signing your own name for 2 and a half minutes and condense it into an 8 second video to see the results yourself. I have too much video experience and and am on the side of truth, I could care less if im right or wrong. I always love a good challenge especially if it could discredit an autograph. 3 to 5 frames per autograph.. its the same as taking a picture that many times and flipping thru them quick its impossible to see any motion other than 1 direction in 3 to 5 frames. The only way you would see motion in that amount of frames would be if she drew a large triangle or circle, some kind of basic shape with connecting lines slowly

She signed about 22 autographs in this 8 second video. In real time, that would take between 2 and 3 minutes going at a normal pace.. let's say 2:30.. 180 seconds. There are about 8 frames between signatures giving anywhere from 3 to 5 frames for the actual autograph. A normal video is shot at 24 or 30 frames per second. (There's also many other much higher framerates but they really only apply for slow motion videos.. im keeping this simple for everyone) The video is basically taking a 3 second signature down to 1/8th (ish) of a second.. (rough estimate) you just can't see any movement in detail at this speed other than the direction she is signing

That is far from real time.. extend it to at the very least 2 minutes.. not 41 seconds 

I just realized, you can with the controls.. x0.2 might be a little too slow but x0.5 is still too fast

Good job with the video, I do everything on adobe premiere and just getting to my desktop these days is a challenge. My overall point was, and still is, there is too much information missing. X0.2 speed viewing the video from your link would be the closest to real time. Id be happier around x0.3 to x0.35 but its still good enough where, if you can imaging her signing during the gaps when the video is frozen, there is just not enough information to say for sure if this is a straight line.. if it is a straight line, she signed that 1 line extremely slow

The Signed CD Arrived Today & It's A CD Wallet Sized Art Card Made Of CD Wallet Material. 


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