Ellise SIGNED LIMITED to 100! Pressed on Hot Pink Colored Vinyl.


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Not limited. The first 100 sold out and they added more.. 76 left in stock now of the new batch

Delayed to December. I went ahead and cancelled.

That is to be expected. On average it is taking 8 months to press a record. I also collect vinyl and every one I have ordered the past year has been delayed and they are getting longer and longer. At least bands/artists have caught on and are starting to set release dates accordingly.

Not one I really needed to be honest, plus the fib about a limited edition of 100 had already irked me.

Got ya and understand. Not a fan of B.S. myself. And unfortunately in what we collect we get quite a bit.

I'm just wondering, here we are almost at the end of Jan. And I still haven't gotten anything yet... How bout y'all?

Nope. I emailed them which was a pain because her website goes to a dead link when you click contact. So I went through the record companies site and had to use their submission form. They did respond and said they were shipping the end of the month. Not holding my breath. Can't even make a paypal claim because it is well over 6 months ago these went on sale.

Okay well I still have hope that I'll get mines. But man, this is ridiculous! When I ordered my autographed poster from her it got sent out pretty fast. I guess I'll just keep waiting. Thanks for your update. 

Rough Trade list the vinyl as coming out on the 28th Jan

Ellise - Chaotic - Vinyl LP – Rough Trade

Thank you for pointing that out. Hopefully it's true. But I'll believe it when I see it LOL.

So here is a new one. I finally got this today after 7 months. Signed in black on a dark background. Strike one. Whoever packaged it smashed it into the mailer so the entire edge is damaged. Strike two. And strike three is the most idiotic thing I have seen done yet. They stuck a rather large UPC sticker on the front of the sleeve stating it was the pink vinyl. And it is one of those super sticky's you can't just peel off without damaging it even further. So I emailed through the main record labels contact button because the one on her website hasn't worked for months most likely because they took everyones money promising to mail these out like 4 months ago and kept changing the date over and over and were tired of the complaints. I don't expect it to be resolved to my liking or at all but what a d.bag operation.

Mines came the same way. But mine's wasn't damaged but it did have that stupid barcode sticker on the front. I was able to pull it off carefully without ruining the cover.



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