uk only I’m afraid!

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Exactly lol... Vinyl made a comeback but doubt cassettes will... Just to up the price i think. However £32 for an Elton graph is pretty good id say

Plenty of people have been buying cassettes the past few years, as they've made some sort of resurgence. Has to be pure novelty factor, since it's hard to sell anyone on the audio quality.

If they are not packed properly, the tapes will most likely damage the signed art card, I speak from experience. 

I agree absolutely! My signed cards and digipack CDs have been damaged by the sharp corners of the cassette case when they are shipped together. It is frustrating when this problem can be avoided by some careful packaging.

Seems to be working now in the US shop!

Edit: the order worked with the blue sparkle cassette, but not the green…didn’t try the 3rd option..

Edit again:  now appears to be working.  My order cost $16.40 to ship, now it’s saying $6.37 to ship…weird…

The same thing happened to me too. The shipping cost was very high initially, and it dropped after I tried again, it is very weird.

I emailed them with screenshots of the shipping price differences…hopefully they’ll refund me the difference…$10 is $10!

On the US site, it doesn’t say who it’s signed by. Is everyone certain it’s signed by Elton and not just Dua? 

This is Elton album. Not the single with Dua

With these being limited to 4 per order instead of 1 per order like the ones sold in the UK, will these have a higher chance of being autopens?

I never even thought of that. I can return them if they are tho no?



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