Just saw someone's recent Elvis post and thought I would add mine to a discussion.  This came directly from Perry Cox, obviously, a highly reputable source.  A COA from Perry as well.  I've always felt the signature (on a 5 x 7 magazine page) was a little too shaky, with stops-and-starts and it concerned me at the time. However, given Perry's confidence and assurance, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to purchase it. I remember that Perry had explained to me, at that time, that Elvis went through some periods of being in an "altered state" and that could possibly explain it's shakiness.  Just wanted to see if any of you with more experience than I in this area than I had any opinions on this. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you...

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That certainly is one of the shakiest Elvis' I have ever seen

And a wonderful piece, congrats on that (thx for posting it)

Nice you got it from Perry Cox


Edit to add...

Did Perry by chance tell you what year or period this was signed?

If it didn't come from Perry, I would have had concerns like you did as well.

As terrior8HOF said, "interesting" is probably the correct description

Last year I sent the picture of Elvis signed album from this seller to Roger for quick opinion. Unfortunately, he said that the autograph was not good. Just for your information.   

now that is "interesting"

ํYes, I mean Perry Cox. The album was posted by him on Ebay. 

OK Kit, you saw it on ebay 

I'm not following what you are so eliquently trying not to say here.

I can't crack your cryptic code haha

In your opinion.... do you think it's legit or fakey?

I think it is not legit too but I am far from expert, just my opinion. 


Quick Opinions are NOT always accurate

But I will say this...
I would personally not buy this item based on all the responses. I have my opinion, but for me to lay my money down, I want everyone on the same page and I want the signature to scream AUTHENTIC !!

+1. Too much problem in elvis sgnature... Too much to say genuine authentic! Tracks Uk never an repeat never buy Elvis Autographs... For you why??? Simply.. Too much problem...

If real, not the best example.  The altered state comment is interesting.  How would anyone know that?

Elvis had a very childlike signature and is tough to authenticate. This MAY be genuine although a poor example at best. Hope it was priced accordingly because, without the big name LOA, it would be a hard "sell".


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